jQuery – New Wave Javascript

jQuery: New Wave Javascript

jQuery is a new type of Javascript library. It is not a huge, bloated, framework promising the best in AJAX – nor is just a set of needlessly complex enhancements – jQuery is designed to change the way that you write Javascript.


The above code snippet looks for all paragraphs that have a class of ‘surprise’, adds the class ‘ohmy’ to them, then slowly reveals them. Click the ‘Run’ button to see it in action! 

Commands Map

There are  a lot of similarities between jQuery and the well known prototype library. JQuery offers an Tutorial for Using Prototype and jQuery Together. Don’t forget to checkout the demo section.
The Event Selector Showdown on the jQuery blog is pretty amazing, too.

[via jquery.com]

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  1. So.. what’s the different between jQuery and the well known prototype library? Anyway the prototype.conio.net couldn’t open (problem loading page, server not found). Thank’s for info sharing. Nice to know you

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