Hurray: Django on Pydev

I am really looking forward to this one:

Pydev adventures: Django on Pydev

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Johnny Cache — Johnny Cache v0.1 documentation

Johnny Cache is a caching framework for django applications. It works with the django caching abstraction, but was developed specifically with the use of memcached in mind. Its main feature is a patch on Django’s ORM that automatically caches all reads in a consistent manner.

via Johnny Cache — Johnny Cache v0.1 documentation.

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Python Decorators Don’t Have to be (that) Scary – Siafoo

Decorators modify functions. Beginning with the basics, learn how to use decorators in a variety of ways. Execute code when a function is parsed or called. Conditionally call functions and transform inputs and outputs. Write customizable decorators that accept arbitrary arguments. And, if necessary, easily make sure your decorated function has the same signature as the original.

via Python Decorators Don’t Have to be (that) Scary – Siafoo.

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