Another Ten One-Liners from CommandLineFu Explained – good coders code, great reuse

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The Zen of Python – as a Poster

I created this poster for my colleagues at work NOT using Python.

via The Zen of Python.

Beautiful is better than ugly.

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Large iPhone Icons

Very large versions of the icons from the iPhone (and iPod touch).

via Large iPhone Icons – a set on Flickr.

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Using Delegate and Undelegate in jQuery 1.4.2 » Learning jQuery – Tips, Techniques, Tutorials

As some of you have heard, there have been two new methods added in jQuery 1.4.2, .delegate() and .undelegate(). These methods achieve the same thing as the .live() and .die() methods, they just use a different syntax. For those new to .live(), it’s a method in jQuery that allows you to attach events to elements that appear in the document as well as elements that will appear in the future

via Using Delegate and Undelegate in jQuery 1.4.2 » Learning jQuery – Tips, Techniques, Tutorials.

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Monitor Windows CPU usage with Python

This little Python script lets you monitor the average CPU-load on a Windows machine. Needs WMI to be present.

import os

def get_cpu_load():
    """ Returns a list CPU Loads"""
    result = []
    cmd = "WMIC CPU GET LoadPercentage "
    response = os.popen(cmd + ' 2>&1','r').read().strip().split("\r\n")
    for load in response[1:]:
    return result

if __name__ == '__main__':
    print get_cpu_load()
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After months of intensive work and lots of fun with the django framework, we released the new version of our corporate website, beyond content, a Nuremberg based internet agency.

Literally “navigate” through an archipelago of islands with the innovative site navigation.


We already announced this relaunch on

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10,000 free fonts and counting!

Lots of fonts for free download are to find at The site also offers a simple but nice fontbrowser to browse through all the fonts as well as the option to enter a preview text:

another sample:

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WinSnap – ALT-PRINT replacement tool for “screenshots on steroids”

Winsnap is a multi-featured screenshot tool for Windows. WinSnap can enumerate and capture all visible windows of the foreground application and combine them into one screenshot. It can make shots of non-rectangular windows with rounded corners, add a shadow or watermark and much more. It is free for private use.

[via Hotware: Dirk’s Software Blog]

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TaskSwitchXP – famous alt-tab manager

TaskSwitchXP is an advanced task management utility that picks up where the standard Windows Alt+Tab switcher leaves off. It provides the same functionality, and adds visual styles to the dialog and also enhances it by displaying thumbnail preview of the application that will be switched to.

Link: TaskSwitchXP

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Nice alternative to the classic Luna skin: Royale Theme for WinXP available for download

A new theme, potentially destined for Windows XP, has leaked out of Microsoft and onto the web. The theme appears to have come out of a beta version of Media Center 2005, currently in testing.

The theme is not a substantially different incarnation of the existing of Luna, the current default theme for Windows XP. You can see the main changes in the screenshots below; one could describe it as being a ‘glass mod’ of Luna.

Download the Theme here.

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