VS Studio Addin: DPack

DPack is a FREE collection of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and 2005 tools. DPack is designed to greatly increase developer’s productivity, automate repetitive processes and expand upon some of the Microsoft Visual Studio features.

DPack includes various browser tools that allow the developer to quickly narrow the search down to a particular class, method or assembly type. DPack includes greatly enhanced numbered bookmarks feature, various code navigation tools as well streamlined surround with feature, and much more. See screenshots and learn more about individual features using Features menu.

Link: DPack

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Program AJAX Pages the WinForms way

I accidently ran into Visual WebGUI as I searched google for the words “AJAX and WinForms“. The concept is pleasing: just program application like you are used to when program WinForm applications. The author calls this technique the WOW model: WinForms Over The Web. The output is a web application which makes heavy use of AJAX and has a Windows look and feel. At the time of this writing, the framework only supports Internet Explorer. Code
Project offers two tutorials: Developing your first Visual WebGui application and Developing a Visual WebGui gateway.

Globfx’s Neoswiff follows a similar approach, but compiles Flash .swf Files, Client/Server logic has to be done “by hand”. With Visual WebGUI you can program Client/Server AJAX apps just using Visual Studio as design tool. When Firefox support comes, this is definately a technology to evaluate.

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Useful C# CodeSnippets for VS2005

For any reason VS 2005, doesn't ship with code snippets for C#, although it does for Visual Basic. There is a huge package of useful snippets ready for download on MS's Visual Studio page: Visual Studio 2005: Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippet


E.g. inserting the code snippet "Search a Directory for a file recursively" inserts this code to your class file:

System.Collections.ArrayList files = new System.Collections.ArrayList();
 DirSearch(@"C:",ref files);
//Method to Search Directory for specified file Type.Paste it outside the function
public void DirSearch(string sDir,ref System.Collections.ArrayList files)
	   foreach (string d in System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories(sDir))
		foreach (string f in System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(d, "*.txt"))
		DirSearch(d,ref files);
	catch (System.Exception excpt)
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