Any color you like

Cool AJAX tool of the day: Choose any color you like and find photos with these colors on Flickr.
Visit Flickr Color Selectr.

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Program AJAX Pages the WinForms way

I accidently ran into Visual WebGUI as I searched google for the words “AJAX and WinForms“. The concept is pleasing: just program application like you are used to when program WinForm applications. The author calls this technique the WOW model: WinForms Over The Web. The output is a web application which makes heavy use of AJAX and has a Windows look and feel. At the time of this writing, the framework only supports Internet Explorer. Code
Project offers two tutorials: Developing your first Visual WebGui application and Developing a Visual WebGui gateway.

Globfx’s Neoswiff follows a similar approach, but compiles Flash .swf Files, Client/Server logic has to be done “by hand”. With Visual WebGUI you can program Client/Server AJAX apps just using Visual Studio as design tool. When Firefox support comes, this is definately a technology to evaluate.

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The AJAX response: XML, HTML, or JSON?

This is an interesting article about the “ideal” output format for the AJAX response on Quirksmode.
I like the JSON approach.

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It’s getting time for some search engine emancipation

Google is everywhere.

What about some search engine emancipation with this European approach:


Very impressive alternative to google.

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Free Change Detection Notification Service

ChangeDetection is a really easy to setup service which notifies you about changes to any website via email.


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