Monitor Windows CPU usage with Python

This little Python script lets you monitor the average CPU-load on a Windows machine. Needs WMI to be present.

import os

def get_cpu_load():
    """ Returns a list CPU Loads"""
    result = []
    cmd = "WMIC CPU GET LoadPercentage "
    response = os.popen(cmd + ' 2>&1','r').read().strip().split("\r\n")
    for load in response[1:]:
    return result

if __name__ == '__main__':
    print get_cpu_load()
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Cheat Sheet Central

Find a very useful overview of numerous “cheat sheets” at Smashing Magazine’s website. CSS, XHTML, C# and Python are only a few languages which are covered here.

The Apache Cheat Sheet is quite useful:

or the Regular Expressions cheat sheet: 

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IE 7 standalone installation

Find a nice HowTo for the standalone installation of IE 7 here.


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Invent a Word

When I first heard the word “travelocity” I thought it was a clever combination of two existing words (“travel” + “velocity”) that yielded a new and meaningful word. I wondered how difficult it would be to come up with more clever words like “travelocity”. Invent-a-Word was born …

Invent-a-Word Website

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Rearrange your taskbar

If you are someone like me, who usually has a 3 storyed Windows taskbar, then you might appreciate this nice little utility: Taskbar Shuffle lets you rearrange the programs in your taskbar.

No hotkey, no extra steps, drag and drop the programs on your Windows taskbar by simply… well, dragging and dropping them! Neat concept, huh?No need to get all nervous when a program crashes or if you wanna reboot; you can reorder the programs/buttons on your taskbar exactly how you like.

The Taskbar Shuffle Website.

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